Whole Bean Coffee - Filter Blend

Whole Bean Coffee - Filter Blend

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Contour Coffee Gedo Danche - Chelbesa, Ethiopia. Freshly roasted in Delgany, Co.Wicklow.


This is a seasonal blend with limited availability. Taste notes of - mango, peach and jasmine

Roasted for Filter -suitable for brewing on any filter brewing device from French Press, Aeropress to Pour Over and batch brewers.

Contour Coffee's filter coffee Gedo Danche is named after a washing station located in Chelbesa in Ethiopia. Where a large number of small Lot farmers from around the region come to gather at a central location to wash and process their coffee

The station buys coffee cherries from 313 farmers who produce good yields thanks to fertile soil and good farming methods. This washing station has organic certification.

Origin name: Chelbesa

Washing station name: Danche

Type (association/ mill /coop/ farm): washing station

Founded: 2019

Altitude: 2000-2300 masl

Region: Gedeo

Sub Region: Gedeb

Number of farms: 313

Farm size: 1-2 hectares

Certifications: Organic


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