Flexible Subscriptions

Harvest Day started with one man, one van, and a couple of farmers that believed in our mission. We initially started with just two Seasonal Boxes, the Farmer and Harvest Boxes, and now offer flexible subscriptions for four different Seasonal Boxes and custom boxes that you choose yourself. 

Flexible Seasonal Box subscriptions are the core of our business – it’s where we started and it’s what allows us to plan ahead with our farmers. Subscriptions allow us to forecast quantities and availability of seasonal produce with our farmers so we can work together to plan your box contents and the necessary planting and harvesting schedules. With our new customer account area and expanded Seasonal Box range, subscriptions are even more convenient and give customers full control over their box delivery frequency, box type, and even add-ons and extras. 

Seasonal Box Harvest Day


Flexible Subscriptions and Serious Savings

Subscription customers now benefit from additional savings – new Seasonal Box subscriptions now receive a 10% discount on their first four boxes! We want to thank you for participating in our mission to create a more sustainable Irish food system. Joining Harvest Day with a flexible subscription means enjoying the accessibility of Irish, organic produce and the convenience of home delivery, all while supporting small-scale Irish farmers and eating a diverse range of Irish produce throughout the year. 

Our flexible subscription model is hassle-free. You can easily make changes to your delivery frequency or box type through your personal customer account area and you will never have to worry about running out of fresh, Irish, organic produce! We conveniently deliver your Seasonal Box directly to your door at the delivery frequency that best suits your needs. If your needs change, it’s super simple to skip a delivery, pause your subscription, or cancel any time before the orders close for the week, no bother. 

How It Works

  1. Choose any of the Seasonal Boxes that best suit your needs - Farmer, Harvest, Essentials, or Garden. 

  2. Select “Flexible Subscription” and choose whether you want to receive your fresh, organic Irish veg box every 1 or 2 weeks. To redeem your 10% introductory discount for your first four boxes, apply the code “4BOX” at checkout.

  3. Add any seasonal Irish or European favourites, Irish cheese, juices, or pantry, fridge, or bakery items to your order and choose whether you’d like these every 1 or 2 weeks to coincide with your Seasonal Box. You can also add extras as a one-time order without impacting your regular Seasonal Box delivery. 

  4. Check out! Place your order before 8:00am on Tuesday morning to ensure your delivery arrives that same week. You can choose between Thursday and Friday delivery days through different couriers depending on your delivery zone. (Curious about your delivery zone options? Visit this page.)

Order Deadlines

Orders close at 8:00am on the Tuesday of each week to ensure delivery of your order on Thursday or Friday of that same week. We need those 48 hours to communicate all your orders to our farmers so they can harvest exactly what we need, then we collect, package, and send out your deliveries with the freshest possible produce. Closing orders on Tuesday allows us to order only what we need, reducing food waste in the supply chain which is a major issue with other food systems. 

If you’re interested in learning more about what happens between orders closing and your delivery, and why we think this is the most sustainable method for our food business, read this blog post on Why Your Box Isn't Arriving Tomorrow

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