Whole Bean Coffee- House Blend

Whole Bean Coffee- House Blend

Contour Coffee
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Contour Coffees outstanding Brazilian house coffee, direct from the Garcia Family, Vale do Sol, Brazil. Freshly roasted in Delgany, Co. Wicklow.

Taste notes of - tropical Fruits, Vanilla with a Nutty Sweetness

Roasted for use through espresso machines and could also suit french press and Moka pot. This will give you the most sweet and balanced flavour profile in your cup and will also translate beautifully through milk.

The family Garcia coffee all started with Antonio Wander Garcia’s grandfather Alexandre Garcia Capelo, who was a small coffee producer. Antonio Wander Garcia, is an agricultural engineer and researcher in coffee fertility and coffee nutrition, following in the footsteps of his father, he became a producer who dedicated his life to build his knowledge and produce coffee. Antonio and his wife Elenir own the farm Vale do Sol.

In sticking with family tradition, Antonio is now helped by his son André Luiz Alvarenga Garcia. André is also an agricultural engineer, a researcher specialised in pruning and producing. So there is is a rich history and tradition of producing coffee throughout the family.

The Garcia family is focused on improving the living conditions of all workers and their families. Over time, the green areas around the farms were expanded, with insulation and planting trees along the springs. 

They have adapted and helped the soil in surrounding areas and to their farm by focusing on organic matter to revitalise the coffee plantation while also reducing the use of agrochemicals.  

Producer - Garcia Family

Variety: Mundo Novo

Process - Natural

MASL - 1000

Crop Year - 2020