Shines Seafood

Shines Seafood is an Irish, family-owned business based in Killybegs, Co. Donegal. A fitting setting, Killybegs has been a premier Irish fishing port for more than 40 years, offering an abundance of seafood and a wealth of knowledge for those who care to learn. The Shine family's love for great quality fish means they source Irish caught albacore tuna and sardines from local fishermen to supply stockists across Ireland and the UK.

Shines is also committed to sustainability, working with responsible Irish fishermen who fish in Irish waters only when the fish is in season. All Shines' fishermen are committed to preserving the natural ecosystem by fishing strictly within quota limits to ensure that population levels remain healthy, minimising by-catch to protect the other fish and sea-life, and minimising pollution to keep the Irish coast pristine. Shines is also a committed participant in the Irish Fishery Improvement Project.