Sunny Meadow Farm

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Dermot O'Mara

Portumna, Co Galway

Naturally Growing. No Chemicals or Pesticides

Sunny Meadow Farm comprises 17 hectares. It is a centre for learning and production of vegetables, fruits, eggs and beef. The farm was founded in 2004 by Dermot O’Mara who graduated from Horticultural College in 1983 and continues to learn and innovate each year.
We produce clean, nutritious food in a sustainable manner without the use of chemicals. Emphasis is based on soil nutrition and fertility. Harvesting is done to order and this assures the freshest, nutritious food. No chemicals are used and the farm is GM free. We grow blight resistant potatoes. All seeds used are organic or farm saved. Our hens are housed in mobile houses and are pulled by tractor assuring that the hens are always on fresh grass. They have a lot of space and they are not subject to declawing or debeaking. They enjoy organic feed free of chemical or synthetic flavours, taste enhancers, pigments or antioxidants.

We have a herd of Aberdeen Angus cattle. These are grass fed and bedded on straw. The limestone pastures offer various grasses, herbs and clovers. There is a low stocking rate and frequent grazing rotation. We don’t use any pharmaceuticals. There is a 5 hectare native broad leaf plantation and 2 hectares of protected upland bog. Sunny Meadow Farm is an open, socially and environmentally sustainable farm.