Coole Farm

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Mark and Helen Coole Farm, Ardee, Co. Louth

Certified Organic


Coole Farm is a Certified Organic farm in Ardee, Co. Louth specialising in growing and selling salad leaves. Mark and Helen began Coole Farm in 2019, following their family footsteps in agriculture with Mark being a 4th generation farmer. 

Coole Farm grows their produce in harmony with nature and there are no artificial pesticides or fertilisers used. This fact, combined with the naturally fertile limestone soil, creates the perfect growing environment for the very special produce. These ideal growing conditions, along with Mark’s expertise, allows the natural flavours of the leaves to burst through.

Helen and Mark are passionate about sustainable, organic farming. They maintain their soil nutrient levels by incorporating crop residues and adding compost, which keeps the soil’s biological life in tip top condition. Plants grown in healthy soils have a much higher nutrient density which in turn are much more nutritious.