Why Your Box Isn’t Arriving Tomorrow


Harvest Day Box


Trust us, we know how exciting it can be to place an order for a box full of beautiful, bountiful, Irish organic and naturally grown vegetables – it’s our favourite thing, too! You may be so excited about the order you just placed that you expect your box to arrive tomorrow. Unfortunately, that is not the case. But don’t disparage because good things come to those who wait. Let us explain why.

We deliver every Thursday/Friday for customers nationwide, partly depending on your location. Orders close two days before the delivery day, at 8am Tuesday. The approximately 48-hour window between orders closing and the first deliveries is where the magic happens!

The Magic:

  1. From the comfort of your home (or desk, or phone), you place your order for a carefully selected box of Irish seasonal produce.
  2. When orders close, we collect all the information and tally the exact totals of each type of veg we need to fulfill all your orders. We carefully order to the piece to avoid any potential food waste!
  3. We then communicate directly with our farmers and they harvest the exact amount of produce we need.
  4. We collect all the fruit, veg, and herbs from our sustainable farm partners across the country and bring it back to our Harvest Day headquarters for sorting and packaging. Your breads are baked in the wee hours of the morning of your delivery, so we collect those loafs each morning, too!
  5. We package each of your orders by hand, seal them up, and prepare it for our delivery partners.
  6. Your package is delivered to your door!




Harvest Day is a small team of people, so we are quite proud that we can make this magic happen in just 48 hours. Most online delivery businesses work under a different model - they will keep a surplus stock of items so that when an order comes through, the items are already there waiting to be packaged and shipped. We don’t do that for two reasons.

First, we don’t keep stock because fresh organic and chemical-free produce has the best flavour and the most nutrition when it’s picked at its peak ripeness. Each week, we talk with our farmers about what is ready for harvest, what will be ready soon, and how much of each item they expect to be ready (it’s not all ready at the same time and small changes in weather can have big impacts on the ripening process). We build each box around what is ripe and ready to make sure you are always getting the best of the seasonal veg. And who knows what’s ready better than the people that grow it?

Second, we don’t order surplus stock because we want to avoid food waste. Food waste is a huge environmental and societal problem, especially considering the resources it takes to grow the food that is wasted. Approximately 49% of food waste happens before it even gets to consumers! That wastage is almost in-built into the conventional food system, where food is demanded from growers when it’s not ready and then it spoils in the storage, handling, transit, processing, and distribution phases. This is the type of model most grocery shops use, as well, and we felt the need to do things a better way – better for the growers, better for the environment, and better for the consumer because you’re getting fresh produce that is at its most flavourful and nutritious.

If you placed your order today, your box isn’t arriving tomorrow. In fact, most of your order is still in a farmer’s field, and we think that’s pretty cool because once orders close (on Tuesday 8am), the magic begins and your food gets harvested, packaged, and delivered by people who are just as excited about your order as you are.

Thank you for your order and thank you for your patience. We hope this has built a little extra excitement and magic into your veg box delivery. We can’t wait for you to get your order… just not tomorrow.