Introducing Organic European Fruit


The Big “But”

At Harvest Day, we want to build a better food system that supports local Irish growers and organic produce while sticking to our values of transparency and sustainability. We are so grateful to have grown the last two years with 100% Irish offerings, ethically sourced from passionate, small-scale growers across the country. We can only do what we do with the participation of customers like you! More and more often, though, we run into The Big “But.” 

What is The Big “But”? Well, it goes a bit like this:

We love your mission and your veg, BUT… we are cancelling because we go to the grocery shop for our favourite fruits anyway so we will just buy everything there.


We have been very happy with your veg subscription service, BUT… we can’t commit to 100% Irish anymore, we want more variety.


Ireland’s climate is not the best for growing fruits at scale. We are proud to have gorgeous apples and pears in the autumn, beautiful berries in the summer, and a few small collections of stone fruits that have been coaxed into production, but we don’t have the quantities available that customers like you may want. 

Until now…

Irish First, Organic Always

We don’t want our customers to have to decide between supporting Irish and having the variety of fruits and vegetables they love, so we are making some changes. Starting today, we now offer a selection of organic European fruits in addition to our Irish fresh produce. We are still committed to Irish, sustainable growers, we are just expanding our organic offering to include more of your favourites that don’t grow as well in Ireland.

We believe in Irish First, Organic Always. If it’s grown in Ireland and in season, we won’t import it. Irish growers are our priority and are the best choice for building a better local food system. To minimise air and freight miles associated with importing, we only want to include organic, European fresh produce in our import offering. That means no unripe fruits from across the globe, no excessive carbon emissions, no chemicals and no pesticides. We feel like that’s something we can all get behind!

Our goal with importing a few organic fruits and veg (from as nearby as possible) is to give customers like you a single place to Buy Better. Our set Seasonal Boxes are still 100% Irish, and the majority of our produce will still come directly from small-scale Irish growers, but now you can top up with nutritious, delicious, organic fruits and veg! For those of you that don’t get Seasonal Boxes, you can build your own box with any of our fresh produce and weekly grocery essentials. It’s easier than ever to prioritise the Irish food system and treat yourself to organically grown and ethically sourced fruit. 


Expanding Organically, Responsibly

We put a lot of thought into our new offering of European organic fruit. We wanted to give you a more holistic fresh produce offering without compromising our mission to build more sustainable food systems here in Ireland. Here are a few reasons we decided to expand:

Sustainability – To keep supply chains as short as possible, we are only including produce organically grown in Europe. Organic growing is better for soil health, water quality, biodiversity, and protects against the effects of climate change.

Diversity – Farmers across the continent can grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables that just don’t grow well here in Ireland. Having a more diverse organic diet is good for your gut health.

Nutrition – Organic produce is more nutritionally complete than conventionally grown produce and doesn’t put you at risk of ingesting harmful chemicals and pesticides. With an expanded organic offering, you have more options for your 5-a-day and get more nutrition out of every bite. 

Happy Customers – One of the most common pieces of feedback we get is that you prefer to buy Irish, but you also want your favourite fruits and exotic veg. Now you can do both with Harvest Day! If you’re happy with your Harvest Day boxes, we can continue to support our network of Irish farmers while also providing you with better organic fruit options. Win-win!

No More “Buts”

We hope you’re as excited about the addition of organic European fruits as we are! We feel like our new offering strikes a healthy balance of Irish First, Organic Always and allows you to have more variety while still supporting local and sustainable farmers. We hope that you believe in Buying Better and continue to do so with us – no more “Buts”!