How We Build Your Box

As the seasons change, so do our Seasonal Boxes. Even during the current season, traditionally known as the “Hungry Gap”, farmers across the country have found ways to provide continuous supplies of fresh produce often in the form of tender spring leaves and salads while the summer crops are still growing. Spring is such an industrious time for farmers and it is exciting for us to see the new growth and the fresh green leaves bursting out of polytunnels. As the season shifts, we wanted to take a moment to share a little about our process as we build our Seasonal Box contents each week, incorporating more new-season items and making the most of late-season vegetables. 

Farmers in a field

Each week, we work directly with a network of farmers all over Ireland to determine exactly which vegetables are available and how much could be harvested to fulfil box orders. This system allows farmers to have more control over the harvesting process so they can cull unruly patches of quick-growing veg so they don’t go to waste or even give a break to certain crops that may need an extra week to grow before another round of picking. This also ensures that we are receiving the best quality possible because each item has been identified by the farmer. 

Harvest Day Seasonal Veg Box

Our Seasonal Boxes are designed to be as well-rounded as possible to provide customers with a balance of staples, seasonal favourites, and interesting additions. While in season, veg like carrots, onions, and potatoes are in most of our boxes every week to serve as your staples – easy to cook with, full of nutrition, and versatile and familiar enough to work through every week. Recently, carrots and leeks have been part of our ‘staple’ rotation especially as leek season is nearing the end and we want to make use of every last one before they are gone! While some of the more popular and abundant veg gets to be a weekly staple, we rotate the bulkier or more unique items so they appear in boxes every other week instead of weekly. By alternating weeks with veg like cabbage or turnips, we aim to give customers enough time to use up these larger items before they receive more so they don’t end up with a stockpile that may go to waste. We understand that to some of our customers, not every piece of veg is as inspiring as the next, so we work with our farmers to provide as much diversity across our boxes as possible in each season. 

When we build our Seasonal Boxes, or Essentials and Garden Boxes are created with the staples in mind. The Farmer and Harvest Boxes are created with the regular staples but also include some of the more unique and interesting veg as available from our farmers. Seasonal favourites like the rhubarb and wild garlic (both featured in last week’s Harvest Boxes!) will be prioritised for these box types. We never import produce and only source 100% Irish fruits, vegetables and herbs. Supporting Irish farmers means we won’t have exotic fruits, but it also means that we get uncommon vegetables or unusual varieties from small-scale growers that you won’t find in supermarkets. We try to incorporate as many of those exciting items into our boxes as possible to share the joy of buying Irish and discovering new and unique seasonal produce. 

Because we don’t import produce, our Seasonal Boxes are just that – seasonal. If you are seeing tomatoes, broccoli, or berries this time of year at the supermarket or even the farmer’s markets, it’s a safe bet that those items were imported. Always be sure to check where your vegetables have been grown, even Irish staples like potatoes, carrots and parsnips are often imported from abroad because they can be bought cheaply from conventional single-crop large-scale farms. As we leave the Hungry Gap period between the winter and late spring harvests, more and more varieties of vegetables will be cycling through your Seasonal Boxes. Green or wet garlic, wild garlic, scallions, rocket, fresh herbs, purple sprouting broccoli, spinach, fennel and more will be coming your way shortly!

Choosing a Seasonal Box subscription ensures you get the best produce each week as chosen by our farmers and curated into boxes by our procurement team. If you crave more of certain seasonal favourites, you can always add items to your subscription so you are guaranteed not to miss out while they are in season. On the other hand, customers have the freedom to choose their own box contents each week by creating a custom box from our fresh produce, Pantry, Bakery, Fridge, Juice, and Irish Cheese sections of our website - all sourced from Irish producers. 

As always, thank you for supporting Irish growers and producers by choosing Irish, organic veg boxes. We work hard to keep your boxes exciting and well balanced and love seeing happy customers enjoy Irish produce.