Delivery Schedule Updates and the Reasons Why

We are making some changes to our delivery schedule. If you check your inbox, you may see an email from us about the changes, but we wanted to take the time to share a little more about why we are making these changes because we believe in transparency.

Our goal has always been to create a better food system here in Ireland, one that is more sustainable, stronger and more resilient, and more localised – a system that puts our hardworking growers and producers back at its heart. We knew this might be a challenge in the current system, but it’s what we believe in and we knew there were people like you out there that want to buy Irish and support Ireland’s growers and makers. Over the last several months, the costs of running a business have continued to rise – from fuel to services to raw materials and supplies, all of our farmers and partners have felt the squeeze, too. 

In the face of these rising costs, a great number of businesses have been forced to raise prices. To date, we have absorbed as much as possible while running Harvest Day as usual in hopes that the inflation would subside sooner than later. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s here to stay as costs continue to rise. Even so, we don’t believe that increasing our pricing is the right decision at this time. 

Why not? Because we believe in our mission of making a better food system here in Ireland, and that requires people to participate. If businesses are feeling the heat from the increasing costs, citizens are, too, and we want Harvest Day to remain as accessible as possible so anyone who wishes can participate in developing this better food system. 

Organic Irish produce is already struggling to compete with ‘inflation busting’ imports from Europe and overseas, especially when the true cost of those products is hidden away from customers (chemicals and pesticides, degraded environment and greenhouse gases, unethical work practices or trade). Because supermarkets are turning once again to the cheap way out, we believe that increasing our pricing would be damaging for the Irish organic sector. We will continue with our commitment to no imported or chemically treated produce, and continue offering 100% Irish produce from small-scale Irish farms.

Without raising prices to cover the higher costs, we had to get a little more creative with our solution: consolidated delivery days. So, that’s the long way of saying we are changing our delivery days. We are back to delivering just two days a week, Thursdays and Fridays. This change will streamline our activities and ensure we can continue to operate in the current climate with no need to increase pricing. 

As of Monday 28th March, we will no longer be offering a Tuesday delivery day. All customers will have the option of either a Thursday or Friday delivery. Orders will close Tuesdays at 8am as usual for delivery that Thursday or Friday to give our farmers enough time to harvest your produce (and us to collect, sort, package, and deliver!). For more information on the updated delivery schedule and to learn more about the courier service that will deliver to your delivery zone on each day, visit this page on our website: Delivery Areas

In light of the delivery changes, we are offering free delivery on all orders over €70 as a thank you for your support. We are also offering free delivery on your first two subscription orders if you are a new customer or are switching to subscription from ad-hoc orders. Simply use the code SUBSCRIBE2 at checkout. 

A note on subscriptions:

Using our flexible subscription is an even more convenient option now that we are delivering just once a week on Thursday/Fridays. Signing up for a subscription ensures that you never miss the Tuesday 8am order deadline but gives you all the flexibility of skipping, pausing, or cancelling your order. Previously, when customers missed a deadline but still wanted a box as soon as possible, we could add them to the next delivery cycle – now that will be a full week away. We put in a lot of effort to make the account area of the website as user-friendly as possible so you have full control over your subscription. You can add once-off orders and add or remove Pantry, Bakery, or Fridge items to your subscription from your account. We will also be reducing our Seasonal Box pricing for subscribers starting next month! We will share more details on this next week. :)