On Green Friday and Building Sustainable Systems

You may notice we aren't participating in Black Friday sales. As Black Friday has grown over the years, its negative impacts on the environment have also grown - in recent years, the UK's Black Friday shopping contributed a staggering 429,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions. Harvest Day is a mission-driven business building a better food system that centers the producers and supports sustainability. Because of our dedication to better food systems, we are not participating in Black Friday.

You may have heard of Green Friday, a movement that arose in the wake of Black Friday aimed to positively change the way we consume. Green Friday encourages people to shop more sustainably, to buy local and consume more consciously, much like our own business model.

Green Every Day

We are so happy that Green Friday is gaining traction and more people are actively choosing to buy better! As a mission-driven business, every day is Green Friday at Harvest Day! We're proud that our business model provides ways for our customers to shop locally and sustainably and support a network of small-scale sustainable growers.

By subscribing to Harvest Day vegetable boxes, you are:

  • preventing food waste
  • supporting sustainable, organic and chemical-free agriculture
  • supporting biodiversity that is necessary for a healthy environment
  • supporting small businesses and small-scale farms
  • keeping your money in the Irish economy
  • reducing your carbon footprint by minimising your food's travel miles
  • connecting to your food through seasonal eating and identifying which farm each item came from

Consuming Consciously

Green Friday is a great alternative to Black Friday and it helps remind us all to consume more consciously, shop locally, and buy better. If you are participating in any sales or shopping this Friday, we have a few suggestions to help you shop more sustainably:

  • Shop locally, of course! Prioritise your local shops and boutiques over multi-national online outlets
  • Combine shipments to leave a smaller carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emission
  • Opt out of plastic packaging when you can
  • Quality over quantity - buy quality items that are built to last rather than cheaply made or disposable products to reduce waste (up to 80% of Black Friday purchases are thrown out after a single use)
  • Choose to buy from businesses whose values align with yours - read their "About" pages, their missions and values, and choose the companies that care about their impact on people, planet, animals
  • Be careful of "green washing"! - many companies will use sustainability buzzwords to seem more "green" especially as consumers begin to choose more environmentally-friendly options
thank you

As a small Irish business that supports small-scale Irish sustainable farmers, we are opting out of Black Friday sales and embracing Green Friday as a reflection of our principles and our guiding mission: to build a more sustainable food system.

To our customers, thank you for your support and for believing in the same principles. Happy Green Friday!