A Box Full of Resolutions

Every December 31st, we set shining expectations for ourselves - glittery, well-intentioned resolutions for ways we can do better in the coming calendar year. We want to be healthier, more community-minded, more environmentally conscious, or we want to volunteer more, or take a trip, or make art. Sometimes, it's easier to keep those resolutions than others. As we make our own resolutions for 2022, we found that many of our personal resolutions more or less fit into a Harvest Day box... Let me explain.

All your resolutions ... in one box!

While we realise that maybe we can't sort out all your resolutions in a single box, we do think we can deliver on quite a few of them! Check out the list of resolutions below and how to achieve them on your own or with Harvest Day.

Be Healthier

Do you want to be healthier in the new year? Many of us feel a little room for improvement after the Christmas celebration season and plan to get back on track in January.

The best way to get healthier is to eat healthier. Start with whole foods as the building blocks of your diet, focusing on fruits and vegetables and cutting out as much processed food as you can. It's important to note though that a large percentage of the produce in Ireland and the UK is imported and chemically treated - chemicals are bad for your health! Choose organic, naturally-grown, and chemical-free produce to make sure you aren't consuming harmful pesticides or other chemicals.

Get more bang for your buck with your produce by buying local and seasonal. Locally grown seasonal veg is picked at its peak of ripeness because it doesn't have to travel thousands of miles by air, land, or sea to get to a grocery shelf to sit for a while longer. Peak ripeness means peak nutrients! Produce loses its nutritional value if it's picked too early or as it sits in transit or on a shop shelf, so prioritise local and what's in season.

Harvest Day's (Re)Solution:

As you may well know, we work with Irish farmers to deliver the freshest local produce grown with sustainable farming methods. There are never any chemicals so the produce is always good for you! Letting your meals come from seasonal, organic veg boxes means get different items from week to week and throughout the year! A varied and diverse diet is good for your overall health - especially for your gut health which is being linked to more and more aspects of your overall wellbeing - and a plant-based diet is better for your heart health!

harvest day box and cutting board

Learn to Cook or Cook More

Learning to cook can be quite an intimidating task, but cooking well is a rewarding and economical way to nourish yourself and those you love! A new year is a perfect time to start cooking more, experimenting with recipes, and discovering the joys of home-cooked food. We believe in the power of Intuitive Cooking - no need to follow extravagant, challenging recipes, simply build up a repertoire of dishes you enjoy and start making swaps, adjustments, or additions! If you are cooking from a recipe, start with real, whole food ingredients and seasonal (organic or chemical-free) produce. Follow the recipe as a guide but give yourself room to get creative! This is where the learning and the joy of cooking comes in.

Harvest Day's (Re)Solution:

Harvest Day delivers the quality produce you need to practise making those delicious homemade meals! With our flexible subscriptions, you can set up weekly or fortnightly deliveries depending on how often you plan to cook. You can also skip your deliveries if you still have too many leftovers in the fridge!

We also put together three recipes for your each week based on what's in season and in our boxes. These recipes are super simple and are a great starting point to help you develop your cooking intuition. (We also love to share your dishes, recipes, and meal inspiration with our other followers!)

gloved hands

Be More Sustainable

We know that being more sustainable may sound daunting. Being more sustainable can mean a million and one things from reducing your carbon footprint, reducing your household waste output, recycling more, cutting down on single use plastics, riding your bike to work instead of driving, and so on. Sustainability is a journey for everyone!

Most importantly, being more sustainable is about making conscious choices in your everyday life. Our suggestion is to start small. Pick one avenue for being more sustainable then pick one or two concrete ways you can achieve that. For example, if you want to reduce waste, you can resolve to only buy takeaway coffee if you have your reusable cup to hand and meal-prep for the week so your food doesn't spoil in the fridge.

Harvest Day's (Re)Solution:

We also believe in sustainability and are always finding new steps to take on that journey. Our priorities are on reducing waste and supporting environmentally-friendly agriculture that in turn supports a more sustainable local food system. Harvest Day is a certified organic retailer with the Irish Organic Association and our entire business model is based on reducing food waste, which is a global environmental and societal problem, especially considering the resources it takes to grow the food that is wasted.

Approximately 49% of food waste happens before it even gets to consumers! The conventional food system, the system big grocery chains use, demands food from growers when it's not ready and then it spoils in the storage, handling, transit, processing, and distribution phases. We do things differently. We confer with our farmers each week to ensure that our offering is up to date with what is ripe, ready, in-season, and available. Then, we build our boxes around what's ready and only order exactly what we need from the farmers to fulfill your Harvest Day veg box orders. By doing so, we encounter very little food waste! If a customer cancels an order or a farmer sent us a few extra items than we needed, we ensure the surplus gets donated.

When a box of local, Irish produce comes to your door, you may notice a lack of plastic packaging. We opt for paper bags and compostable or biodegradable plastic bags only when necessary for some of the leafy items. What's more, we offer a box return scheme so you can contribute to more Reusing and Recycling!

Even before your box arrives, you have participated in making the world a better, more sustainable place by supporting small-scale agriculture! All of our farmers are chemical-free, small-scale farms and market gardens that are passionate about what they do and are committed to maintaining a healthy environment. Smaller farms that follow organic farming principles have a smaller carbon footprints than industrial-scale farms and they have significantly more biodiversity! Biodiversity is a critical part of a healthy ecosystem and a key element in environmental resilience and protection against climate change. So from sowing to growing to delivery, Harvest Day produce boxes are the more sustainable choice.

A Box Full of Resolutions

We want to help you keep your resolutions by helping you feel better about what's on your table and how it got there. Whether you want to take steps to support the local economy, improve your health, cook more often, or make more environmentally-conscious decisions and purchases, Harvest Day can help you on your journey. A new year is a new start, a time for taking first steps or next steps on whatever journey you decide. We hope we get to be part of your journey this year.

Happy New Year!